250 usd.
  • Analytics and strategy development
  • Creation of posts (per month) - from 10
  • Administering
from 300 usd.
  • Analytics and strategy development
  • Creation of design
  • Creation of posts (per month) - from 20
  • Administering
  • Reporting
from 400 usd.
  • Analytics and Strategy Development
  • Creation of design
  • Creation of posts (per month) - from 30
  • Optimizing posts for other social media
  • Seeding on thematic sites
  • Administering
  • Reporting
  • 10 000 video views - 50 usd
  • 100 000 video views - 400 usd
  • 1 vote in Internet voting - 0.1 usd
  • 1 subscriber on social media - 0.1 usd

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a non-standard way of promoting products and services via social networks. This option in marketing is seen as social media.

Social media marketing is an effective tool for attracting the attention of customers with the help of various social resources.

When choosing a social platform, the main preferences of the target audience should be taken into account. The most popular services at the moment are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, VKontakte, Twitter, Yotube.


Significant features of media resources

  • The Facebook audience is the most capable of paying
  • Instagram and Pinterest have a positive impact on brand recognition
  • VKontakte presents a young audience that reacts strongly to entertainment and various actions
  • Twitter is a well-known microblog platform, the main condition for working with it is the constant monitoring of tweets
  • Yotube is the best video hosting, it has a great credit of trust around the world

The more popular is selected resource among users, the more views, likes, comments and reposts you get.


By adding to the official website the information about related pages, groups or communities on social networks, you can significantly advance toward your goals.

Social media are good because of:

  1. Extensive target audience
  2. Less competition
  3. It's easy to find, interest, and retain customers
  4. Strengthening positions in SEO: the more users visit the site through social networks, the higher your positions, and the search engines evaluate them as meaningful.

SMM is not just about advertising, it has much more in common with networking. After all, advertising can attract or buy attention, but trust can only be earned.

Only through painstaking work with users in communities, using strategies of open and hidden interaction, you can achieve positive dynamics and success.


SMM solves the problems:

  • Increase the number of visitors
  • Growth of popularity
  • Promotion of the brand in social networks
  • Increase the level of trust to the brand.

Social media marketing is a relatively new method of promoting products and services which has great prospects for development. It is in demand in large, small and medium businesses. The main distinguishing feature of SMM is the ability to communicate with the audience directly, to establish contacts with it.

SMM is growing rapidly and is developing along with the Internet advertising market. And in the near future it is expected to overtake television. Every day various new tools appear.

Some of them may even damage the brand. Therefore, in order to succeed in promoting through the social media, it’s necessary to know all modern tools and to realize whether they are useful or not.


SMM tools:

  • Development of pages, blogs, groups on various resources, filling them with content
  • Promoting groups on Vkontakte and Instagram
  • Promoting content
  • Conducting discussions on topics of interest to users
  • Hidden marketing - constant monitoring of forums, participation in discussions
  • Open marketing, that is, maintaining a constant dialogue on behalf of the brand (company) with potential and current clients
  • Direct advertising on thematic pages and on pages of popular bloggers.

Viral marketing – a simple strategy of "infecting" a person with the idea of distributing the product. That is, a user voluntarily distributes information to a large number of people. The principle is similar to "word of mouth", but the effect is much stronger. Initially, the idea should be a hidden advertisement. It is usually presented as an interesting post, photo or video content

Tracking positive and negative feedback. It’s very important to pay attention to negative information. You need to use it to improve the product, service or message.

Adjustment of the company's Internet resources for social media - SMO (Social Media Optimization).

If you cannot engage in social platforms yourself, it’s better to hire SMM specialist. After all, this marketing tool takes a huge amount of time, because it requires constant presence and activity in the network. SMM is a dynamic process, as interests of the audience are constantly changing and new trends are emerging all the time.


The main tasks that the agency must solve

  • Develop a strategy for writing a content plan
  • Work with interfaces: group design and branding, creating start pages
  • Know the mechanism of targeted advertising
  • Predict and optimize the budget
  • Organize and hold competitions
  • Create affiliate programs
  • Know the principles of rating formation
  • Customize content for requirements
  • Work with reviews of the company
  • Use analytical methods: monitoring, searching for negative information, generating unique links
  • Communicate online
  • Have experience managing projects from writing TOR to maintaining and managing the reputation at the federal level.

You shouldn’t expect an immediate result from SMM, but the right choice of strategy gives a long-lasting result, which is worth the effort and time.


We can single out the following indicators

  • Low-cost - affordable for beginners
  • Tens of millions of social media users
  • Ranking users according to the company's parameters (gender, age, interests, country, etc.)
  • Improving the rating and the image.
  • You shouldn’t expect an immediate result from SMM, but the right choice of strategy gives a long-lasting result, which is worth the effort and time.

    Social networks are not affected by crisis and don’t depend on the political and economic situation in the country. This makes SMM a relevant, modern, reliable, high-quality way to attract customers.