Website development on a turn-key basis

Complex development of sites, Internet shops, Landings

from 400 usd.
  • Easy CMS
  • COM/NET domain for free
  • 1-year hosting
  • Free support
  • Unique design
from 200 usd.
  • Responsive design
  • COM/NET domain for free
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ad setup
  • SMM and SMO
  • 24/7 support
from 100 usd.
  • COM/NET domain for free
  • Easy CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Quick creation

Your site is the face of your business, and we know how important it is to you. We create a solid basis and provide you with the technical solutions necessary for the development of your online business.


The advantage of a template is a low price. There are plenty of good options. They are understandable to visitors and adaptable for mobile phones and tablets.

But there is a drawback. After editing the text or adding a new object, the page can work incorrectly.

A unique design involves working out all the details in accordance with client’s needs and wishes. It makes sense, that it costs is several times higher.


Landing page is a single page. It is perfect if you need to sell one product or service. In this case, contextual and/or media advertising works the best. You can’t count on the search engines. It's simple. One page means a minimum of clients.

Advantages of a landing page are low cost and short execution time. Thanks to this, you can see in a few days whether there is a demand for your product or service.


Before we talk about the best content management systems, you should know about the so-called web constructors. They may be inexpensive, and some of them are free. But this is a cheese in a mousetrap. The constructors have many drawbacks.

First, they do not change the functional. This complicates the optimization for search engines. Some programmers can find a way out of such situation, but their services cost more than creation of a new project.

Secondly, they don’t have archiving, so you might lose all information.

In any web studio they will tell you that the constructor won’t get you to the first result page of search engines.


The best content management systems, according to programmers, SEO specialists, and other professionals who are involved in development, are:

  1. 1C-Bitrix
  2. Wordpress
  3. Joomla
  4. Modx
  5. Opencard

Let’s take a look at each of them.

According to the authors, 1С-Bitrix is interconnected with 1C so there is no need to configure the latter. But since all enterprises and their products differ from each other, this is just empty words. Still, all organizations turn to programmers for help and pay them money.

This management system is liked by those who are not directly involved in the development of Internet projects. But programmers try to stay away from it because of the challenging program code.

If you plan to use 1C-Bitrix, then be prepared for a lot of corrections and extra expenses. This is the peculiarity of this management system. A common problem is the appearance of error 404 instead of a page with a product or service.

Wordpress is recognized not only in our country, but all over the world. The site powered by WordPress is reliable, works smoothly, and has a variety of add-ons and templates. Its weakness is not fully developed functionality that makes it hard to handle large online stores.

Let's highlight the main disadvantages:

  • Obsolete file architecture
  • Complex error handling system
  • For each loaded image, the system makes 3 thumbnails. That is, you get 4 times more graphic files on the output than you have downloaded. This trash eats up too much hosting space
  • Performance issue at a large traffic flow
  • Security. A very important factor. Open code increases the vulnerability of the site
  • Implementation initially for the news sites and therefore a large number of third-party plug-ins (often incorrect) that slow down the work

The site on JoomlaJoomla will be very useful for small Internet projects. The advantage is its add-ons. The disadvantage is a low level of security; this system has a lot of weaknesses, which scammers use. Simple detection and elimination of viruses will not be enough. Regular updating is required. And it cost money.

Modx makes it possible to realize the most complex idea. Perfectly optimized for search engine requirements.

But it has its cons:

  • A limited number of built-in templates, which prolongs page making and affects the terms and cost of development
  • Complexity of administering the site – you need to have the skills of work with this CMS, because the admin interface is very complex.
  • Like any free open source system, it has vulnerability issues.

Opencart is acceptable for online stores, but only for several dozen products. With the expansion of the assortment, modifications will be needed.

Separately, we should focus on frameworks such as Yii2, Symfony2 and Laravel5.They are tailored for sites with a multi-level structure with a complex, non-template functionality. They simplify the work of developers and SEO specialists. High reliability and performance. Withstand the flow of thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors without crushes.


The most common mistakes in creating sites include:

  1. Using the constructor. Forget the idea of making an Internet project using the constructor. It will never get to the TOP-10. And without this, you will have no customers.
  2. Enabling Ajax technology. With it, the content of the site will be loaded gradually after the page loads. Mishandling of this technology can result in almost all pages hidden from the search bot. As a consequence, you will have no customers.
  3. Limited access. Before signing a contract with a web studio or a freelancer, check if there is an item for the full disclosure of the code and databases. In some places, they give you only the limited access to the site and then charge huge sums for nothing. 200 usd for changing the phone number and 300 usd for adding a new section. Unfortunately, this is not a joke.
  4. Bad layout. No one will look for a product or service, if all the fields overlap each other. Demand to check every detail.
  5. Plagiarism. Text, photos and videos must be unique. You can’t just find interesting information and copy it. As a result, the site will not only lose its position in search results, but also can be blocked.
  6. Affiliated sites. If you think that you can make several services on specific subject and earn millions, you are wrong. Sites with the same or similar information owned by the same organization or person are discarded from the index. But this problem can be solved. And we know how. Interested? Contact us.


There are several ways to increase profit from the site. The most effective of them are:

  1. Opening an online store or at least adding the Order button to the existing service. Over one hundred of legal entities and entrepreneurs, who cooperate (or have cooperated) with our web studio, have doubled their profits after making it possible for people to purchase what they need without leaving their houses.
  2. Adding a callback form together with the order form. Telephone communication can be really expensive. For example, if a potential buyer lives in Krasnodar and the company is located in Moscow. It will be nice if the company will bear these expenses. Talking to the manager about the model of the sewing machine can last for 15-20 minutes and it’s costly. And there are much more reasons for ordering a return call.
  3. Adding a personal account with a loyalty program. Everyone knows that it’s not enough to attract the client; you need to make them stay. Discounts depending on the order volume are one of the options.
  4. Procedures to improve the conversion of the Internet project: usability audit, AB tests, etc.
  5. Optimization for Google, Yandex and other search engines. We not only develop websites; we also promote them, so don’t worry - we'll take care of everything. Our advantage in applying the most advanced technologies and a constant development.
  6. Multi-channel optimization of the Internet project. In the modern world with its crazy pace of life, many people are looking for products and services on mobile phones or tablets on their way to work or while standing in traffic jams, and they learn more details on a laptop or computer at home. Multi-channel optimization will get you a much greater return than the traditional one.
  7. Expansion of business, access to other subjects.


The process of creating a website in our web studio includes:

  1. Discussion. We should have an image of what you want.
  2. Compiling a list of several concepts and selecting one of them. Skipped when creating a site on the template.
  3. Search for a template. Skipped when ordering a site with a unique design.
  4. Project development. Skipped when creating a site on the template.
  5. Design and writing terms of reference (TOR). Skipped when creating a site on the template.
  6. Sending design and terms of reference (TOR) to the client for approval. Skipped when creating a site on the template.
  7. Programming.
  8. Page making.
  9. Filling with text, photos, video, etc.
  10. Check the functioning of all systems.
  11. Moving site to hosting
  12. Teaching the basics of work in the CMS.

Before we get started, we will issue a contract. Sign it only if you agree with all the conditions.

We are sure that we are doing everything right. Therefore, we provide a guarantee for all sites. Its duration ranges from one year to five years, depending on the management system.

Payment could be broken down into several parts. Our web studio is trying to do everything for the comfort of our customers!


You may ask, what makes our web studio better than competitor’s? We answer:

  • We take all projects, even the most difficult ones, and we guarantee high¬-quality and prompt implementation.
  • We give full access. If necessary, we make corrections at a reasonable cost. You also have the opportunity to seek help from someone else.
  • We provide turnkey services. From the purchase of a domain and hosting to the setting of advertising.
  • We offer a large number of control systems (more than 8), as well as fast frameworks.
  • We work with such programming languages as PHP, Python, JS.
  • We explain in detail how to write and post information articles, news, and other content.
  • We answer any question.

You can learn more about creating sites in our web studio, including the cost of services, from our manager. Just fill in a simple form and we will be happy to contact you!